The Districts of Neath Port Talbot Images were originally published by Mr David Mitchell now sadley deceased. Dave, who was a very good friend of mine, had collected a very large database of images from various friends and then published them online on his web site


After Dave's death, his son Christopher maintained Dave's web site for quite some time after. Once I learned that his web site had been taken down, I immediately asked permission from both his widow and his son if I could include Dave's collection of old images on my own site, I'm very pleased and grateful to say that they agreed. That collection of old images is the same collection that is on display here.

The collection is displayed in memory of David Mitchell

I have kept the display in it's original format as it was displayed on Dave's web site. The only change I have made is this introduction page and also the inclussion of the links on the left which gives a little flavour of todays communities in the districks of Neath Port Talbot.


The links to the left will take you to the Wilkipedia pages on that particular district where you will find lots of information related to that district.


While the links to the right will take you to the Old Images' of that area. If however, the district name does not highlight when you roll the mouse over it, then there are no images in the database for that area.



     Old Images