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Welcome to my web site, Here you will find images from around the Principality along with links to my other portfolios on other web sites.

You can if you wish, purchase my work from some of these other sites. All of any earnings I get from the sale of my work is paid to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, so you can not only buy some wall art for you to enjoy, but you are supporting the MS Sociey charity as well. This applies to any sales from any of my sites.

Being an MS sufferer myself, I know exactly how important funds are to the MS Society, so you can rest assured that any earnings from sales of my work will be personally paid into the charity.

For daily therapies and other supervised activities to help your condition, you can go to places like the Sandville Self Help Centre in Porthcawl or the. MS Therapy Centre Swansea, here they provide the only Hydrobaric Treatment in South Wales

Other Photo Links / Usesful M.S.Links


Disabled Photographers click on the Disability link in the menu to read information on various location before traveling.

The Useful Links menu holds many other links to pages I belive to be both interesting and useful.

The other Photographers and Artists section has links to other photographers I think are worth watching.,

The Web Sites to Submit Work Too section has a tiny selectyion of online sites where you can share your work, get criteque feedback, get involved with online like minded people, and in somecases sell your work

The third section Software Links is again a small setion of whats available at no or little cost to you, the software in these links are esential in both post processing images and creating online images.

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